Having long studied ancient Egyptian lore, you’re intrigued by recent reports of structures appearing in the Sahara Desert via new satellite imaging. The locations seem familiar to you on a map, as they correspond to burial sites of the elite Mejai, powerful warriors blessed with unnaturally long life by the high-priest Akar for the purpose of protecting the pharaoh. However, a blessing in life may be a curse in death…StoryAncient texts mention these warriors turned mad exceeding the bounds of mortality, bringing death and ruin to those around them. To stop them, legend tells of a group of brave Egyptians who lured each Mejai into separate tombs using invaluable relics, and then trapped them inside forever…While this story may be a myth, you feel obligated to investigate, as the historical and monetary value of such a discovery would be beyond your wildest dreams. But be careful – if the legends are true, the Mejai have been sulking in rage all this time, yearning to wreak havoc on humanity as revenge for their imprisonment.Assemble your teamGather your team of archaeologists and treasure hunters in this co-op thriller and discover the truth behind the legend. Play solo, with a group of friends, or find a public match online.Gear up and delve deepTake advantage of every tool at your disposal to navigate through ancient Egyptian ruins and survive the perils within. Alternatively, you can choose to provide intel to your teammates from outside the ruins in the safety of your excavation tent, using such tools as the radar system or motion sensor array to detect activity.Unearth ancient relics, treasure and loreThe main objective of the game is to search the ruins for each relic that was used to lure and trap the cursed Mejai many millennia ago. As you traverse the tombs, observe the phenomena around you to identify the Mejai while its in its spiritual form before it assumes its physical form. Each playthrough, or round, will include one main relic to collect, as well as numerous archaeological tasks to complete and loot to collect in the form of gold, lore, and rare artifacts.You and your team will have to decide how to accomplish these challenges.Split up to cover more ground, or stay as a group to increase survivability.Get in and out, or let curiosity get the better of you and explore every path to reveal the mysteries and lore of the Mejai.Give in to greed and linger in the darkness to find treasure of unparalleled worth, or be content leaving with your life.Be weary of whatever choice you make, as you and your team will soon discover you are not alone beneath the cursed sands…ReplayabilityProcedurally generated levels and randomized AI to ensure no two playthroughs are ever the same and that youll always have a unique experienceEncounter several different Mejai, each with unique characteristics and abilitiesUtilize your choice of archaeological equipment to increase your chances of survivalFeaturesPC & VR Crossplay SupportedPlay in PC mode, or play in VR mode for increased immersion with haptic feedback.Positional Voice ChatStrategize with your teammates with in-game voice chat.Loot Collection SystemUse your collected loot to upgrade your equipment and purchase more powerful tools.Embrace the Curse of the MejaiWhen you die, you will have the option to return as a servant of the Mejai. Will you hold on to a semblance of your former self and help the remaining survivors, or demonstrate loyalty to your new master?

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