Gra planszowa Lautapelit Captain Sonar (Nordic+Eng)



Captain Sonar is a thrilling battle in the depths of the sea where two teams fight against each other in their submarines. Each player has a role to play on the ship and the team that destroys the opposing teams ship first wins.In Captain Sonar, the two teams are separated by a strait and players cannot see where their opponents ship is moving or the condition of their submarine. Instead, players try to listen in to determine the location of the opposing teams submarine while communicating to their team the course, faults and systems readiness of their own ship.There are four different roles in the game, each responsible for a different task on the ship. The distribution of roles depends on the number of players and with smaller numbers of players, players are responsible for more than one role.However, defeating your opponent requires close cooperation and communication! Submarines can take damage from bugs, mines and torpedoes and a submarine is destroyed when it has accumulated 4 damage. The first team to destroy the opposing teams ship wins the game!Captain Sonar includes two different game modes: a real-time mode for more experienced players and a turn-based mode with five different scenarios.

Kategoria: Gry planszowe


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