Gra planszowa Lautapelit Power Grid Recharged (Nordic + EN)



Power Grid is a fun game for big kids and adults.In the game you have to supply as many cities as possible with power. Players must mark connections in the grid and compete to buy power plants to supply cities with electricity. As power plants are bought, new and better plants become available. So you need to think strategically too – if you just buy plants, you give your opponents access to better plants.In the game, you also need to get raw materials that can power the power plants, be it coal, oil, garbage or uranium. This does not apply to renewable energy plants.Its a constant battle to upgrade the plants to get maximum power – but remember to save your money, you also need to have enough in your pocket to buy the cheaper plants in the supply network.Number of players: 2 – 6Playing time: approx. 120 min.Recommended age: from 12 years

Kategoria: Gry planszowe


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