TEKKEN 7 Definitive Edition (Digital)



Includes:- TEKKEN 7 Full Game- Bonus Character: Eliza- All Seasons Passes 1-4 & their bonuses below:Season Pass 1:- Mode: Ultimate TEKKEN BOWL & Additional Costumes- 2 x Guest Characters: Geese Howard & Noctis Lucis Caelum- Bonus (Customization Set)Season Pass 2:- 4 x Returning Characters: Anna Williams, Lei Wulong, Craig Marduk & Julia Chang- Character: Armor King- The Walking Deads Character: Negan- Bonus (Customization Set)Season Pass 3:- 2 x Returning Characters: Zafina & Ganryu- 2 x Original Characters: Leroy Smith & Fahkumram- Frame Data Display (New Feature)- Stage: Cave of Enlightenment- Bonus (Customization Set)Season Pass 4:- Character: Kunimitsu- Original Character: Lidia Sobieska- 2 x Stages: Vermillion Gates & Island Paradise- Bonus (Customization Set)Tekken 7 Steam key brings a multiplayer action-fighting game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. Experience the King of the Iron Fist tournament, this time, however, the intensity, the stakes, the thrills, and the rewards are higher than ever before! The unprecedented fighting game series continues with Tekken 7 Steam key, it’s your time to be the champion! Buy Tekken 7 Steam key and follow the narrative which has continued throughout the series and is now opting to a close! The conclusion of the Mishima clan conflict will unravel right in front of your eyes, witness the epic ending to one of the fiercest family dramas ever. For your complete entertainment, the game’s campaign is packed with breathtaking cut-scenes and story-driven cinema-like battles!Tekken 7 featuresTekken 7 brings the best fighting game experience both for old-timers and new fans:• The conclusion of the clan. The conclusion of the Mishima clan conflict will unravel right in front of your eyes, witness the epic ending to one of the fiercest family dramas ever. All this in amazingly done cut-scenes and cinematic battles;• Favorite fighters and new moves. Combos, looks, and the very same ever-burning desire to prove their worth in the Tournament of the Iron Fist! Play as Heihachi Mishima, Marshall Law, Steve Fox, Paul Phoenix, Hwoarang, Yoshimitsu, and plenty more fan favorites;• Play how you want. You can play Tekken 7 in split-screen, multiplayer, or offline modes, hence everyone will find their favorite mode;• Cinematic experience. With Unreal Engine 4 the game looks astonishing and fresh;• Cheap Tekken 7 price.New, modern fightingTekken 7 Steam key also features a bunch of new competitors which you’ll only be able to face in-game! This product offers mechanically unprecedented gameplay with 3D maps and 2D fighting characters at sight. Driven by Unreal Engine 4 the game boasts cinematic graphics, a bunch of new technical elements such as Rage and Power Crush features, and on top of it all, the character customization option is broader than the oceans shoring our Earth! Play split-screen, multiplayer, or try one of many ingenious offline modes to polish your skills. Tekken 7 Steam key offers a complete and flawless experience.

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