Two Point Hospital (PS4 Key)



Welcome to the Two Point Hospital developed by the Two Point Studios! This management simulation game is far from your regular simulation, or hospital, or management scenario, as in this one, even the most peculiar cases of illness can be treated in an instant! However, the staff in these facilities are no ordinary doctors, and the means they consider using to better-off their patients are as far away from conventional science as it gets.The Facility!Two Point Hospital is an entirely personal experience where your imagination is the biggest limiting factor around the block! It can be beautiful, it can be practical, it can be functional, and it might as well be deadly! Your unconventional designs can bring you more patients, thus more cash, and we all know that the newest means of curative powers coast a fortune to implement!The Illness!Your estranged hospital will accommodate the weirdest of diseased patients all across the Two Point County. You’ll have to diagnose the illness and find the most advanced solution! Two Point Hospital is more than capable to help anyone in need. Single patients are a piece of cake, but what if pandemic breaks loose? Can your healthcare plan cover it?The Staff!Your staff are no ordinary beings as well. In Two Point Hospital, they will level up, acquire new skills and abilities all for the efficiency and the steady money flow! Just don’t fall asleep upon your success, some of your doctors might be quite useless, as each of your staff has a unique personality type with different traits and goals in mind! And don’t expect them to change, people rarely do.

Kategoria: Gry do pobrania na Playstation 4

Producent: Two Point Studios

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